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A New Pulse in Health Supplies

Caring For a Brighter Future

At AGHS, we are dedicated to providing bulk healthcare supplies for medical facilities, businesses, and organizations. Our extensive range of essential medical products is available for bulk purchase, ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.


AGHS’s current product range includes PPE, Child Care, Continence Aids, etc. 

After witnessing the many challenges that face the healthcare industry including the soaring prices of medical products, AGHS was established.

As a family-run start-up with a passion for innovation and a commitment to making a difference, AGHS will have a positive impact in global health by providing you with cost-effective solutions.

Our agent located in Melbourne, Australia has strong links with the manufacturers and are aware of what we are trying to achieve. In collaboration we have extensively researched and sourced the best medical supplies and equipment to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products at an affordable price. Through these relationships we have been able to establish strong supply channels, with top quality manufacturers of wide-ranging medical products.

AGHS has remained steadfast and maintained strong relationships over the last 3 years with our manufacturing partners. This will provide the flexability to our clients while helping them grow and the advantage of placing them in a strong position to create a positive impact in global health at cost-effective solutions.

Our Journey So Far



AGHS is a healthcare supply solution company founded in 2020



Innovative Automated Systems: Transforming Healthcare Operations with State-of-the-Art Technology. These solutions streamline procurement, enhancing efficiency, productivity, and overall output. Leveraging advanced automation, they optimize processes, ensuring swift and effective resource management, ultimately advancing the quality and accessibility of healthcare services

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